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Unfortunately Strava has decided to close their v1/v2 API access with not having their v3 on general availability which means that this plugin won’t work anymore until they decide to publish and allow access to all developers to their new API.


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  1. I also cannot see the WP-Strava admin options either…
    My plugins:

    – Custom Field Template
    – Fotobook
    – Google XML Sitemaps
    – Open External Links in New Window

    Thank You

  2. Ok, I found what was causing the admin to not show the Strava settings… at least for me… in your wp-strava.php file you had the “add action” commented out like such:

    // Creating the admin menu options
    // add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘\WP\Strava\wp_strava_plugin_menu’);

    So I changed it to the code below and overwrote the file using my FTP and it now works.

    // Creating the admin menu options
    add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘\WP\Strava\wp_strava_plugin_menu’);

    Hope that helps other people having the same problem.

  3. Ugh… the details on the pages when using the shortcode still display in kilometers (but the widget works)… too many bugs. Uninstalling… thanks anyways.

  4. @Chet B,

    I see the problem now, the latest version of the plugin is 0.62, but the link in the page that says “get the latest version” still point to the 0.61 (where the menu is not working).
    The other issues you mention work as expected, the functionality of the plugin is in two pieces, the shortcode and the widget, the widget config affects just the widget, to change the shortcode unit measures you need to explicitly include the option som=”english” (system of measure) if you don’t specify that it defaults to metric system (the one I use :p).

    The link is now updated.


  5. Is there a way to show this and intergrate with a user profile information? e.g. I create a custom user profile feed for user to enter their Strava ID and use this to show their data on a page?

  6. Hi, we try to install de plugin (0.62) in our wordpress (3.4.1) but we have a litlle issue… we can’t: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/unanitde/public_html/cclloret.com/wp-content/plugins/cmanon-wp-strava-9514c3d/wp-strava.php on line 2.

    Any idea how we can fix? Thanks and good work. The plugin seem great!

  7. @Club Ciclista, that error is probably due to the fact your hosting provider uses a PHP version older than 5.3, I’m working to make it compatible with older PHP versions.

  8. great plugin but I’d be interested in seeing an update to enable english units when using the shortcode in posts if that was possible?

  9. hi, i am trying to get this widget running, but i receive this error:

    Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/bikespai/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cmanon-wp-strava-9514c3d/rides.class.php on line 108
    Please provide the rides array to be processed.
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bikespai/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cmanon-wp-strava-9514c3d/wp-strava.php on line 246

    What is exactly ment to be the search id… when i use my name… its this error.

    please help

  10. @cmanon
    2 questions:
    – I’m using the summary widhet on our club website, is there a way to show it in metric units by default?
    – is there a ways to show monthly or yearly total rather than weekly. Asking this because we all ride on Sunday and by the time everybody had uploaded his ride it’s almosty Monday and the summary widget holds only 0’s again……

  11. Uploaded code, tried to activate but get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in blog/wp-content/plugins/cmanon-wp-strava-9514c3d/wp-strava.php on line 2

    Any help would be great!

  12. Get this error when I try to activate the plugin

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/derekhow/public_html/theveganhowler/wp-content/plugins/cmanon-wp-strava-9514c3d/wp-strava.php on line 2

  13. Dear Carlos, first of all: Thank you for this great WP-PlugIn, which runs fantastics on my site.
    I would love to replace the coded robot GarminConnect Plug in, which I have been running for ages on my site an which gives me headaches.

    For doing so, I would have one feaure request to your plug in:
    • an alignment argument, like ‘align-left’ or ‘ align-right’
    • deleted output of the stats, just the name of the ride in fineprint and the distance.
    Have a look on my site: http://blog.kunstgriff.net
    and you see the other plug in running. Your/Strave map rendering is so much prettier.
    Can I donate somewhere for your work?

  14. Hi Grorg, the features you request seem to only deal with the presentation of the data, sadly I’ve not had too much time to spend on this project, but the code is hosted on github now, so if you would like to modify the output for the plugin, I think is very straight forward, you can look at the https://github.com/cmanon/wp-strava/blob/master/lib/LatestRidesWidget.class.php file and the output is generated between the lines 120-135, this same file should be in your wordpress plugin installation directory (if you have the latest version) please let me know if this information is enough for you to do the changes.

  15. Hello,
    I activated the plugin, my credentials were good so I got the API token. I also pub inside my post the right shortcode with the good arguments regarding my strava activity but the embed isn’t working when I preview or publish the post. I still see the shortcode + params.
    My PHP version is 5.3+ and I didnt had any errors from WP while installing the plugin;

    Thank you

  16. I do have the same problem than Victor … It looks like that the shortcode is not interpreted.

  17. @AL,

    It is not, they just made their new 3 API general availability couple days ago, and I have not spent any time on looking at. Sorry about that, no plans soon on migrating to the new API.

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